Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 53

One year down and one to go, feeling a little strange to be honest, like i have been hear for a long time, but also like i just barely got here, cant believe I have a year in the DR, too cool :)

Thank you mom so much for my package, you spoil me, you really do, The shoes were perfect, loved the candy and snacks, the shirts fit perfectly, you really are the best, thanks a million!!! :)

This week was a good one, working hard towards having a baptism this month, focusing on the family contreras a lot, they all went to church this sunday except for the wife, Caterin, she had to work in her hair salon, which is tough, so many people do that on sundays, but have goals set to change that! the daughter, Geisi, 16 years old, braught 4 friends to church and she isnt even a member yet, that was a huge miracle!!! hahaha, the littlest daughter, Larimar, is deciding whether she want to be Mormona or Cristiana ;) hahaha she is 8 years old, goes with her friends to both churches, im going to explain better that mormons are christians too! haha we baught Caterin, the mom a cake for her birthday this saturday, way cool to see the family so United, We are still working with Alexis, the dad on his struggles that he is fighting, but the bishop and other members are more involved now, so we should see better results soon.

We did an intercambio with Elder Beecher, one of my roomates from the MTC, and you can bet that we burnt a shirt or two, but mine had a sweet ink stain, so no worries, i wasnt being wasteful ;) hahaha we made dumplings and chatted about the MTC and mission memories, love that guy tons!

I also talked in Sacrament this sunday, my topic was on helping those around us recieve, or return to the gospel, focusing on the story of Alma the younger, really love that story, the angel explains that he appeared to him to answer the prayers of his father and those in his community, we can also pray for and help those around us everyday, and the Lord will work miracles.

Elder Cuellar and I are getting along well, super busy and kinda stressed, but all is well, still enjoying serving with him as a ZL, miss elder Zamora though, He will be gone in 6 weeks, trunky town, also have seen other missionaries preparing to go home, guys that I saw complete a year, and it wigs out my mind, i guess the Gospel Of Jesus Christ is true, because of the Principal of Enduring to the End ;)

Love you all soooooooo much, and want you to know I pray for you every day, also an Early Birthday Shout out to Paityn, my little sis, congradulations for being amazing, and now 13! I hope you enjoy this year, i will be home one year from now ;)

until next week!!! 

 The Trio, gonna miss it...

 gonna miss it...

also this guy, Elder Thacker, such a stud, cant believe he is going home in 2 weeks!!! gonna be a great dad ;) haha

I also forgot, we went to get sushi after our district meeting this thursday, a little pricy, but super worth it, made me think of you guys, and the tuesday special at sushi in layton, special shoutout to Jeff, Tyler, and Sue ann, we are gonna have to go get some serious sushi when we get back ;)
 more good eats, one year domplings with elder beecher

 and beloved fry sauce, thank you so much mom for the awesome package, you are theeeeeeeeeee best :)

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