Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 52

HAHAHAHA cant believe we are hitting the one year mark this week, so cool, and wierd, seems like yesterday i was giving my fairwell talk, this year is going to fly!!!

good week this week, couple things...

we gave a blessing to our investigator Caterin, we had her read James 5 about the elders, or ancianos, en spanish, and she said she would love a blessing, then when my comp pulled out his oil vile, she said that she had seen that recently, but couldnt remember when... then she said thought that she had drempt it! we gave her a blessing.

the next day, she came to a ward activity of basically a game nght, she said she was feelng better than ever! we are having a FHE with them tonight, should be good!

we helped another investigator with a college project, she had to create a product to seel for her class and didnt know what to make, so i grabbed a couple quick ingredients and made french toast with home made syrup, she loved it and i gave her the quick recipe, she used it for her class, and called it Pan de Auger, but auger pronounced in French! hahaha super cool!

we have been doing a lot of contacting, we have a lot of investigators with potential, but we need more, trying to find those prepared...

Elder Zamora got called to a new area, so now its just me and my SalvadoreƱo elder Cuellar, he is super cool, im enjoying this transfer :) miss elder Zamora though...

Today we played Basketball for P day, it was fun, also got haircuts, good day.

really crazy that im half way done though, im thinking about all the things ive learned and the five things i have learned to be most important are to:

Seek the Spirit
Be Obedient
Love the People
Developing a testimony of the Book of Mormon
and Work WITH the members!

things i want to do better at this year are:

Talk with everyone I can
Continue Studying the Language
and Trying not to get too trunky ;)

the mission has changed my testimony for better, I dont think im too much of a different person, I just have a better understanding and outlook of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His atonement, the importance of the restoration in these latter days, and how important families and temples are, in eternal progression, The Family is KEY!

i Love this work, its the truest work there is, the blessings are real, the happiness is real, the Plan is real. I know it, and I cant deny it!

I love you all, cant wait to Be with you in one years time!!!! haha!!!!!


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