Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 5

FIRST OFF, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAD AND D-BONE!!! i am so sorry i couldnt send more, but just know i think of you guys tons and love you lots!!!! im glad you got my gum and stuff :)

holy cow things flew by, i am gonna read your letters later and reply, but from what i heard i will reply to.

SO this week last friday we got to go on splits with the missionaries for 6 hours out in the field, it was totally wicked, we got to go all over, the city, the slums, all over, teaching and contacting, it was crazy, we did some service for this family, and we moved sand bags and got our shoes and pants alll dirty so the little kids got sponges and started cleaning us off! sweetest thing ever, so humble, the only get water here 2 times a week in that part of town, and they used it to clean us off, just hit me really hard.

This sunday i gave a talk in spanish. so every sunday the missionaries all write a talk and then the president picks a couple people to share, and good thing i prepared a good talk, cuz i was first up this sunday. i talked about baptism, i have the whole talk i will probably send in the mail sometime, but i need forever stamps, please please please send some! haha

Also, the music chairman here has asked that i arrange a musical number for the choir here, so what do you think i am playing? thats right, seminary graduation, Nearer to thee at home, my mashup arrangement, it is gonna be sick!!! haha i also had the chance this week to play gone for two for some of the elders and they love it, the APs who are in my district (one of them is nate reeve's nephew named elder allen, he is a stud, i am sitting next to him right now:) and they want me to play it during prayer meeting so hopefully i can do that :)

couple more things:
played fooseball, kicked booty.
cut elder beards hair, he looks like a babe.
memorized D and C 4 in spanish in 45 mins #boss
studied about korihor and the importance of faith in alma 30-32, good chapters.
felt home sick, but really appreciated the last couple weeks i had at home, all the family was around, my closest friends, and even though a somber but spiritual feeling was present, it felt like a little peace of heaven and i really came to appreciate the plan of happiness more as i thought about it, how great it is that love is eternal through the gospel of Jesus Christ. cant wait to share that with people out in the field, which btw we go out tuesday, p days will be monday, so you will hear from me then :)

All is well down here in the carribean, miss you guys, but love you tons!

Until next week, ELDER AUGER!

 our district made pizzas for dinner on sunday, way fun :)
 we stole the fake investigators props, hilarious!!!
found this little guy crawling around in our room, i think he crawled in the window! ah!
this was a little pre birthday party for elder affleck, we decorated our room, had some bumping kids bop primary songs, and treats, and gave him a tie we all signed!

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