Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 10

So it has been raining a lot here in the DR like it has been in utah apparently, we were in a lesson and the rains came down and the floods came up, it was crazy, the gully we were teaching in filled up like 3 feet, we couldnt leave the investigators house for like an hour and a half, that was fun... haha
Because of this al lot of people have been getting sick, me included, finnaly had my first DR experience being sick, it wasnt fun, i was sick for 3 days, but i am better now. however its cool that people are sick, cuz the missionaries have lots of opportunites to give blessings, which we have been doing, so thats a blessing in itself. thanks mom for the ibuprofen, i carry all the time now.

so about the visa update thing, i dont know why they called you, i told them all your info, i knew your birthdates, i dont know what the problem was, sorry for the scare, but we had to go to the capital this wednesday to fix our visas, which was a pain, we had to get up at like 4:30, it reminded me of jr high basketball days, not fun. anyways we all met at the office building, saw elder beard, all my mtc buddies, we signed some papers, then went to this awesome sketchy doctors office, im talking like frankenstien labratory type crap, crayz, we had to get blood dran, pee in a cup, and take an x ray. that was fun, i also bought a new bag and scriptures with my card, because my first one... well its done... after 4 weeks.

we got hair cuts from this investigator that we have named jesus, he has been having doubts about joseph smith, so we said we would watch the joseph smith restauration video with him, and i think thats what he needed. anyways it was probably the strongest i have felt the spirit on the mission, his girlfriend and i were just sitting there bawling and elder areas and him probably thought we were crazy, but the spirit was still there ;) i bore my testimony after and between the tears and my broken spanish, i just hope he got the message.

so one funny story to wrap things up, we are working with this one lady and the law of chistidy, we were teaching her this awesome lesson, and then all of the sudden out side in the street someone starts playing girls just wanna have fun, and i was dying laughing, they didnt understand what was so funny, but come on, like the irony doesnt get any better!!! hahaha, anyways good lessons this week, just been tough being sick. 

Checking out, 


the spanish is coming along better now ;)

my first bag, already done, crazy!

cooking more ramen for dinner, reminds me of the fancy dinners we had together ;) love you!!!

and nothing like a good old scripture study with pringles from the USA! ;) love you guys!!!

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