Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 90

well, conference was awesome, had a few investigators go, and marlennys and luckson both went, they are awesome, really learning and loving the gospel, their conversion is continuing nicely! 


i loved the talk from Joaquin acosta? the guy from from argentina that was baptized and married his wife, and how he invited others to come unto Christ! that would be a great talk to share with someone who you wish to have the gospel!


the work is still going nicely, preparing more people for this and the next coming month, this month our mission has a goal that every companionship baptizes! we are about 90 companionships, so it should be a challenge, but i think we can do it!


not a whole lot more to say about this week sadly, just lots of contacting, teaching and inviting others to come unto Christ! Which is one of my favorite things to do! we have 9 investigators that have baptismal dates, the hernandez family, which is 5, jose miguel, a teenage boy, altagracia, a senior lady that has always had interest in the church, daniel, a single man who works in the faro a colon, and geral, a friend of lucksons who is from haiti also, they are all super great, we are helping them develop desires to read the book of mormon, and go to church. they are all great people, and the gospel is going to bless their lives! it makes me happen to see them progress!


today we played tennis again, super fun, then went to taco bell in the nearby mall! great times!


thats it for this week, love you all tons!



this week we also had a little activity in the zone meeting, an ugly tie and skirt contest for the missionaries, i ended up winning 2nd place, using an ugly tie AND skirt ;) hahaha i won an ugly hat, bug spray, a pencil and tooth paste, funny activity! ;)


this is luckson, our ward mission leader, and his wife, all from haiti and all super awesome members! they enjoyed listening to conference, we relate a little because it is not our native language, but we were blessed with the gift of interpretation of toungues as we listened to it. this may be the last conference i ever listen to in spanish!!!

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