Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week 89

So this week has been one of the most amazing of my entire mission! i got a new comp tuesday night, his name is Elder Diego from Peru, he only has 2 weeks left before he goes home! two oldies working it out on the final stretch and let me just say it has been amazing, we are working harder than ever, and more efficiently than ever!


this week the Lord blessed us to find about 5 new families, that are super prepared to recieve the gospel, some of which are already married, which is very uncommon here in the DR! The Hernandez family is one of them, they have 5 kids, from 4 to 14 and are super awesome, we contacted the dad, jose thomas, in the park one afternoon and he said we could pass by and teach his family, they are already married and he said he is interested in our message! him and his son went to church this week, his wife, maria had to stay home with the kids that were sick. in our first lesson we talked about baptism and invited them as a family to work toward a goal of the 29 of April, which may seem a little fast, but Elder Diego and i feel that they are super prepared, they said they would strive to recieve an answer and act on it!


i think i have finally found the key to missionary work, and its to find, teach and baptize continually. if someone is not progressing, and its not their time, we must strive to find those that are prepared by the Lord. we have found so many prepared people this week, 23 new investigators to be exact, that means that we taught 23 new people and have a time to go back and teach, i am seriously just astonished! 


i was worried that my mind would kinda just kinda burn out these last 2 months, but just like a christian rock and roll song that my dad and i sang all the time says, IM ALIVE; IM ALIVE; AND MY SPIRIT BURNS WITH DESIRE! hahaha i feel like the Lord can finally use me as the instrument that he needs in the mission field, and let me just say, I am sooooooooo happy :) i am looking forward to coming home, but i have really enjoyed this week, probably becuase of how focused we are right now, and i  praise my comp E Diego, he endures til the end!


anyways, pray for those that we are teaching, families Hernandez, Ramirez, mendez, valenzuela, and Flores! 


thanks for the Love and support! the church is true and the book is blue!



This is one of our new investigators, his name is Ever, and he is a local chef, we were contacting someone outside his business and as soon as we finished talking he asked us to look up his name in our cell phone, we found it saved there, he told us that elders in the past had talked to him, so i was wondering what is challenge was, so we put another day to come back, and he told us to bring an empty stomach and hunger! so we pass by thursday night and he prepares us this big plate of BBQ ribs (which is the first time i have eaten ribs here) and we talked a little about our message. my comp and him talked about the bible and at the end of the lesson, we basically find out that he is athiest. he says that christianism is great because it makes the world a better place, and he is a very christlike person, but he needs to know that there is a God and a Savior, so instead of talking about the errrors in the bible, i said we were going to discuss the Book of Mormon, we have a lesson this wednesday, im excited to share some new things with him! :) ps. when we come back to visit, we have to eat at his business! ;)

so, our iron broke, so we use the toaster to heat it up and then iron our shirts, pretty funny...


then my comp elder diego is collecting the dragon ball z discs that come in the chip bags, its big here, there are 100 and he has about 80 of them, so he is constantly trading the ones he gets twice for those he is missing! hahaha

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