Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Week 86

Well, its been a big week as the first that I have been out in my new area, Maquiteria, with my new comp Elder Marte!


so tuesday was my first day in the area, and the doctor and his wife in the mission came to teach a family they had contacted with us, and let me say, I dont know why, but it was such a powerful lesson, maybe that sister olsen doesnt speak a lot of spanish, but her spirit was so powerful, lets just say it had been a while since i had cried...


we also are teaching some haitian families, because my comp speaks english, spanish, and french!!! so its been kinda funny, in the lessons with them, i feel just like i did when i got here to the country, i just listen and try to bear my testimony at the end, elder marte is teaching me how to speak french!


Luckson is one of the people from Haiti that we are teaching, he is AWESOME! the first time we visit, we leave him the book of mormon, and we come back and he has read the first pamphlet and first 5 chapters! then came to church with us this sunday, elder marte translated the whole time, and i played the piano, super fun!


we also have a bunch of return missionaries in a program called Funval, which helps them get jobs after they get home from the mission, so they have left with us on divisions multiple times, super awesome! i left with one who is name Manuel Casado, that served with elder Taylor, so you will have to make sure he sees this post!


cool to be in Ozama zone again, especially because Elder Palma is my zone leader! so proud of that guy! ;)


im super glad to be working 24-7 in my area, now i can really focus on the ward and teach more people! the only bad part is that because i am walking tons again, i sweat more, and this week i really broke out... but i will adjust again ;)


love you all tons, hope you have a great week, i will send a couple pictures of my house and area, we have the parque del este and faro colon in our area, so its pretty cool!

Be safe and CTR!


 the lookout from my window
 the patriarch's wife who made us dinner one night! she is the same lady that made the carrot cake about 8 months ago!!!

this is elder marte from the DR, super awesome comp, glad to be with him!!!

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