Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 85

so basically, this week has been super busy preparing everything for transfers, in which i will be transferred as well, to possibly my last area in the mission! its called Maquiteria, and its part of the zona ozama, where i was a zone leader, so i know the area pretty well, because we did exchanges and interviews all the time there! my companion will be Elder Marte, an elder waiting for a visa to go to Italy, he is dominican, he is just as big as Elder Lopez, so it should be fun! 


we recieved a special assignment to start working on videoing and editing a video that consists of testimonies of families that have been married and baptized in the church and have been blessed because of accepting the restored gospel, I used to make little videos all the time in high school and so did Elder Marte, so president had this great idea of putting us together, and letting us work on it! I dont know all the details still, but will let you guys know more as we go along!


It was kinda rough to say goodbye to brayan and kateryn and the familia of martin and carolina, who first fellowshipped brayan and kateryn, had FHE with us and them like three times and were always helping them come to church, I am extremely grateful for the faithfulness of these members and I hope to work as hard and be as dedicated as they are when i get home!


today while preparing a new house for some sisters to move in, elder aguirre and I drove to hainamosa campo and basically moved all the essentials from one house to another, it was super fun, but hard work, we stopped by one of the houses of the elders to eat, (the house of my trainee Elder Lopez) and he had some make shift cement weights, we did some lifting while there, which was fun, but i did rip my shirt... kinda funny... i will send the video!


it was also the independance day of the DR today, so there were all these people dressed up in wierd costumes with wierd traditions, one is that they takes the cow intestines, tie a not in them, blow them up like a balloon and then when they dry you paint them and hit people with them... super wierd, and missionaries were to be in the house by dark today for safety reasons... i will send a pic...


anyways, the time has flown, still loving the mission, the work, but i am excited to get home to my family and friends soon! please be careful, CTR always, know I love you all! have a good week!


the wierd costumes with the gross balloons!

 pic of the families of brayan and kateryn, martin and Carolina

 elder aguirre parking where he obviously is told not to
 me lifting the home weights
an old couple we managed to help get married in the country

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