Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Week 82

So this was another crazy busy week! We spent all week planning and setting up for zone conference, i had to direct one day and work on getting the food ready the other day, always fun working towards making big missionary group meetings run smoothly. We discussed the month of january and what the Lord was able to do through his servants here in the east mission. Going into the new year we set a goal as a mission of helping 300 souls come unto christ, in only one month!!! We didnt quite meet our goal, but the Lord worked more miracles than we could have imagined, bringing 255 souls into the way that leads to eternal life!!! That is the most people that have been baptized in a single month in the history of this mission! We were all stunned at how the Lord's hand worked in the month of january. A total of 14 complete families were baptized, which in the year of 2018 can be sealed in the temple, including brayan and kateryn which is sooooo awesome :)


We are also working now and how we are going to adjust to new schedule changes, we have leadership counsel this wednesday so we will be dicussing that, as well as how to keep improving the mission to help even more people come unto christ! Interviews will now have to be done every transfer, which is going to be a lot of work for president! We are about 186 missionaries here in the DR east mission, and he has to interview us all every transfer, idk how that man has time to do anything! I asked him the other day "president, what are you doing tomorrow?" And he said "the real question is what am i not going to be doing tomorrow? There are always things waiting to be done, its just a matter of how many days it takes before i get to do them." Such a busy man.


Another cool thing that we found out during zone conference was that Elder Anderson From the quorum of the 12 is going to be visiting our mission next month!!! How cool is that!?!?!? We are going to meet with him live!!! Super stoked for that :)


Then we got the chance to go to the botanical gardens here in santo domingo, it was super beautiful, and we got to relieve some stress which was nice! Took some cool and funny pics while there.


thats about it for this week, Love you guys tons! be safe and hope you all have a great week!



 Zone Conference, here is our zone santo domingo
here is the fruit table we set up, we get crafty some times ;)
botanical gardens

from what started out to be a sacred grove re-enactment picture, to the evolution of man ;)

china town poses, notice elder harris in the top left hand corner ;)

  the Crew of the Office :)

Elder Harris almost falling out of the train ;D tooo funny, this kid is literally almost as funny as cameron tebbs, hey thats funny, his name is actually cameron harris! funny!

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