Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Week 83

So this was another wild and exciting week of lots of miracles and adventures!


First off, the Hospital.


So we get a call Thursday Night, from an elder telling us that he had fallen, and that he was on his way to the hospital, he said he thought he had broken his ankle, that it was super swollen, and that he couldn't walk on it at all. so we head down there at about 7:00 PM and get there around 8:00. we enter the ER and there he Is in the trauma room, surrounded by tons of people with other serious medical Injuries, the majority of which were the result of motorcycle accidents, which is a serious problem here in the DR! Anyways, they tell him they are going to move him to a bed, and so i accompany him, because only one could at a time, and he gets situated in the hospital bed, and we are next to this guy who is seriously banged up. while i am sitting there talking to elder Burity (from Brazil) we hear this voice behind us say "Elder, Elder, I am a member!"  the guy next to elder Burity, was from Hainamosa Campo, and told us his story. he had been on the way to give a blessing to his mother when all of the sudden he gets hit by this motorcycle, which flings him up into the air, leaving him with neck injuries and tons of road burns. so we asked if he would like a blessing of health and comfort, and he said that he did, so elder burity gets of his hospital bed, and limps over on one foot and anoints him and i seal the anointing. The spirit was so strong, i was getting pretty emotional at the fact that the Lord put us two missionaries right next to this faithful, endowed member of the church. Later we found out that he had regained a lot of memory, and that he was officially out of danger. his sister was there with him and she was comforted as well that we were there. amazing experience. Elder Burity is good now as well, he has a boot on but can walk enough to proselyte, its just some seriously strained tendons in his left ankle. all is well!


Then this p day we took the opportunity to do one of the coolest things available to do here in the DR, we visited the national park of los Haitises, which consists of a motorboat tour around the peninsula on the northern part of the DR, which includes sights of the shores where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, an exploration of Caves, and amazing sights through the ocean inlet rivers. made me so trunky for boating though, cant wait to hit it up after the mish, wake boarding and tubing! so many cool pics that tell the story better than I can, then we ate at this awesome oceanside restaurant, gotta love it!


Then on Sunday we had an awesome lesson with this venezuelan family, which are super cool, one of the daughters read the whole Restoration pamphlet and explained it all piece by piece, including the aaronic and Melchizedek priesthood!!! amazing lesson! anyways, at the end we are saying goodbye and the mother, who is about 50 years old or so, comes to shake my hand and instead, it turns into this bear hug! i couldn't do anything, she had me cornered!!! i didn't know what to do, i just kinda awkwardly put my hands up and started squirming, she just said, "we are latins, this is what we do in this house!" hahahaha i felt pretty awkward afterwards explaining that we as missionaries cant hug women while on the mish... hope she didn't get offended, she'll just have to know that after the mish, i will come back to give her an even bigger bear hug!


anyways, pretty good week, ill send some pics, we definately have to go to los haitises after the mish!


Love you all, 



  On the Tour in the national park of Los Haitises...

 our cool tour guide and I

 , these are some parts where the pirates of the caribbean was filmed!

finally a restaurant on the beach front! SO AWESOME!

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