Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 84

So the Highlight of this week was that we found this new family of venezuelans and one of the ladies in the fam is amazing! Her name is Genesis. she is about 25 and lives with her boyfriend and his family. we left her the first pamphlet, the Restoration, and she read it all, and understood it all! she explained everything perfectly to us! even the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood, which blew us away! then we left her the Book of Mormon, with the invitation to read the introduction, and when we came back, she had read the first 5 chapters! she explained everything to us again! the family of Lehi, that they had left Jerusalem, and had to get the brass plates, talked about Laban and everything! then she said her favorite part of what she had read was 1 nefi 3:7!!! scripture mastery!!! We all thought she was pulling our leg and that she was already a member! it was amazing how well she understood! but she is not! she is just searching for the truth and now she has found it, we have plans to teach the gospel this next time and talk about baptism, super huge miracle!


we have been busy with interviews, trainings and things to do with people getting married. but we did also manage to have a little fun this p day, Elder Carrillo and I organized a soccer activity with president's permission and attendance, so we went to this nice park where they practiced for the olympics when they were here and played on this field, 11 on 11 soccer!!! super fun time!!! i hadn't played soccer like that for a while! i felt like i was playing at a college stadium during president's cup, super cool! we took a cool pic in the stands, ill be sure to send that as well! I of course wore my Mexican Soccer Jersey, hahaha! Viva Mexico!!!! ;)


apart from that, not much to say about the week, just weird to think that now i have less than 4 months in the mission! I'll try not to think about it too much, if I do, it will go way too slow!!! hahaha 


transfers are coming up this week, it will be fun to see what happens! I think I am going to be heading to my last area in the mission!!! crazy, so ill keep you updated next week on what happens!


love you all tons! hope you have a good week!


 handshake before the game, and post shots in the bleachers, such nice turf field, huge score to be able to play there!
 pics of the soccer field
we did a PK shootout at the end and i hit one of the PKs to win it! super fun time!!!
 a pic with a dominican sasquatch!!!

for those of you that speak spanish, the picture of the car is a good example of the dominican accent and spelling!!! hahahaha :)

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