Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 24

wow this week was awesome!
first off shout outs to the fam and there gifts! you guys spoiled me this year!!! all the elders were jealous, but dont worry, i shared the goodies ;) haha this week was awesome, got to skype the fam which was the highlight by far, but we also got to enjoy the christmas spirit down here in the DR in aboput 70 degree weather more or less haha! missed the snow quite a bit, but what can we do right? i guess i did stick my head in the frezzer to feel like winter for 5 seconds ;) haha

christmas eve was a blast meeting with all the missionaries, and later with the families in the ward, we shared 7 layered bars, chocolate covered pretzals, and caramels, in return, we got stufffed by like 5 different families, fed us a bunch of food, super fun! then we finished it off with Jesus and Kateryn (who moved houses this week, closer to the church, way cool! then in the apartment aranged our beds in the living room and had a sleepover party with the other two elders, set up lights and a little tree, which santa put presents under during the night, we must be behaving well or something ;) i got a flute and am learning to play right now, also i made dream cakes and all, super fun! great christmas!

also this week was transfers and we found out I am leaving paraiso oriental, going to LA LLAVE in LAS AMERICAS, which i hear is awesome as well, my comp will be Elder Ramos from my group! he is from mexico and we were pretty tight in the CCM, we both only have 5 months, so it should be way cool ;) i will let you know more next week after i get there! but all is good, gonna miss paraiso oriental, but im ready to serve where ever i am! :)

all is well i hope you all passed the holidays well! love you tons and talk to you next week!

 Christmas Eve

 making pretzals in chocolate

 prosolyting right on christmas eve! haha

Christmas Morning! super fun! the lights and tree really made me feel more at home!

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