Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 20

From Elder Auger:

So sorry I couldnt write you guys ysterday, it rained like crazy and we didnt have time because we went to a baptism in san Pedro, the area of elder call before he came here, and that took almost all day, but im safe and fine, its been a great week!

my weekly email to my mission president, thought it would be cool to share with all of you...
President Corbitt,
This week was an awesome one, the mission tour was so spiritually uplifting President Cornish was awesome to hear from, I had so many questions answered, recieved revelation for me and for some of my investigators and less actives that we are teaching right now, I really appreciate the spirit that i felt there and the spirit that has been with us since. we have been working hard here in paraiso oriental, elder Call is getting to know the area really well, we have been recieving a lot of new people to teach, and we have been working on reactivating as well, so things are going well, we will be having a baptism of Stiven Valdez this saturday, should be sweet, he is a spiritual stud, only 12 years old and the only thing he wants is a calling in the deacons quorum, so excited for that. we also have a family of 3 getting baptized the 19th of this month for the white night, which will be awesome, the are really progressing well, we are sure that will go through. 

with respect to what i am going to do differently and apply what i learned in the mission tour, i have thought about the following...

1. make our weekly and nightly planning more effective, remember that we are makeing plans of salvation for our brothers and sisters of the DR
2. continue studying personally and with our companions, we dont have too much of a problem there.
3. make sure to put my whole heart might mind and strength to the work, or be obedient with exactness, so that i can have the spirit with me, which helps us have charity for those around us, and with charity, we need not fear nor fail. 

Im already seeing changes in the way we teach, in the way i feel the spirit, and in the way our investigators are reacting to the message we share, like Elder Cornish said, miracles dont have to be seeing someone raised from the dead, but seeing someone converted in the heart. I have seen and am continuing to see miracles president, I can´t express how blessed i am to be part of this work, and experience the blessings that come from it. really has opened my eyes in a whole new way. 
I know this church is true, christ lives, and through him, we can live with our families forever, progressing spiritually in happiness and peace. 

Thank you for all you do,

Elder Auger¨

nuff said right? great week!

other things we did this week that were cool :)

celebrated momma castros birthday
had a thanksgiving feast in our district meeting, i wore a duck tye that i bought for 10 pesos, (it was a turkey for that day;)
made mangu, which is platanos mashed up like potatoes, really good
elder call and i made chicken alfredo
we also baught a huge pizza that was on sale for like 200 pesos, which is like 5 bucks!
Jesus (the recent convert and friend of mine;) cut my hair, looks pretty good i think :)
learning how to teach and understand better, really am doing well!

Thanks giving was this week and i thought a lot about what im thankful for, and it really comes down to 3 things

1. my family
2. my friends
3. and this gospel.

im grateful for so many things that root from those 3 things, and i wrote in my journal on thanksgiving like you did dad, writing all that i was thankful for. i really am so blessed, i dont know what i did to deserve such an amazing family, such amazing friends, and to be part of this amazing work and have a knowledge of this amazing gospel.

i know its true, i know im where im supposed to be, im happy, and im blessed.

i love you all, checking out from the DR


 i wore my duck tie, imagining it was a turkey, but really miss you guys during this holiday season, but all is well!

 a sweet thanksgiving feast during our district meeting
 and a sweet haircutting from my homie jesus ;)

our big pizza we baught for dinner one night

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