Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 23

Elder Auger:

so really quick, im giving the run down of my week, im in a crappy
crappy internet center with a crappy signal and crappy wifi, so imma
do my best to describe quickly my week! haha

So i hit my 5 month mark this week, super exciting! only 19more months
to  go! haha
had an intercambio with Elder Thacker from Idaho, he is our zone
leader and an absolute stud, we talked highschool football, school
dances, made me a little trunky but super fun!
E. Call and I did some marriage counseling, helped one of our
investigators Pedro talk with his wife,we implied the saviors example
of forgiveness and said that we are commanded to forgive all men, and
because the savior already paid the price we cant be anyone to take
away thatsame forgiveness, really cool emotiional lesson, more to tell
maybe when i call this week!
Did some good work this week, had a day with 10 lessons which is my
new record so far the mission, really cool, we left with a less active
18 year old named antonito whose parents both died when he was young,
he went inactive but now is trying to get on a mission, really cool
kid, makes me really appreciate how easy my life has been!
then we had our baptism this saturday, the white night, we ended up
having 10 as a stake, wasnt as many as we wanted, but paraiso oriental
came through with 3 of the 10, so that wasawesometo se the family
frias get baptized, the dad ignacio and his sons jose miguel and jose
alberto, i got to baptize, super great night!
then we have just been getting ready for the christmas week as well,
the members have been feeding us like crazy,mary santana fed me 3
plates of christmas rice, which has just about anything you can think
of mixed in with it,anything from mushrooms,bacons,to raisens, wierd,
but super delish, im getting kinda fat tho... haha
this morning we went over to Jesus and Katheryns house, i made
pancakes over there,and wetalked about exaltation and eternal
marriage, brought up polygamy, but cleared up any doubts they had,
really good morning, also made the christmas chain with them, its
hangning in thierhouse! haha
also made the 7 layer bars today too, turned out amazing,little burnt
on the edgescuz there is no thermometer on the ovens here, but the
smell in the house made me think of christmas, really trunky this
week, but all is goo, couldnt be happier!

 this is the familia frias, father ignacio, and sons jose alberto, and

jose miguel, su0per cool night, and i got to do the honors, which is
the coolest experience ever! :)

also jesus and katheryn, made pancakes, the christmas chain, and
shared about eternal families and exaltation, awesome morning :)

 some cool DR delacacies, star fruit and coca cola haha,

 also a teey lizard i found in the apartment, these things are like squirrels in the US, everywhere!

here is a pic you can send your crush girls, tell them that i love them and miss them, tell sav and britt to stay out of trouble, im trying to stay in shape as well, running in the mornings lots of crunches and pushups, trying not to get fat haha
then i had to go and lick the left overs of the sweet and condensed milk can, like i know you would have if you were here :) 
christmas is also a time to share delicious food with others, made the 7 layer bars to share, also gonna make the pretzals, but here are some of the members that feed us every time we come over, christmas rice, rice pudding, i ate 3 plates of it, 
hermana mary insisted, and you cant say no to your dominican abuela (grandma;)

katheryn and elder call with the christmas chain

also my pancake stack that i made, elder call can put down the goods! haha
Love you tons! Merry christmas this week, never forget that mas in
spanish means >More, so christmas is to say, More Christ! :) let him
in this year, know that I know he is my savior and redeemer, i love
him with all my heart,i know he was born, livee and died for us, and
lives again so we can conquer the grave fisically and spiritually! I
love you all!
Until next week!


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