Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 22

All is good here, so good to hear you guys are doing good, living up the holidays! haha snow

i am finishing this transfer the 29th of december, so we will see, i have been here a while, but there has been missionaries in my area for over 8 months before, and if i do stay here , i wont mind, its super awesome, its like my home, where i was born ;) in the mish...

i will be ready to skype, to the notes down and all, i will tell you around what time i should be able to on christmas next week when i write, we are trying to get into the church to do it, should be good! quick question, did you get my package? do you want me to open my gifts you sent when i skype you? or before? let me know!

really good week, miss you guys tons! dad there was a sweet christian church putting on a 3 day rock slash church reunion, they set up a huge stage thing and a bunch of speakers and they rocked out hard core, we were teaching and i was getting distracted cuz they were playing some of the christian rock songs i always listened to in my car, made me a little home sick... the DJing and the christian radio songs, but good times in all! i too remember kicking field goals and often show that pic to all the people here, they have never seen snow, so thats a good pic to show! haha

mom, wish i could be there to shovel, if you get a snow blower i will be angry when i get back, shoveling is one of our sacred tradtitions ;) cant wait to skype you guys christmas! love you tons!

so like i said, this week was awesome, some things that we did...

Temple trip for the mission, we got to go this wednesday, super awesome to be able to go, still interesting cuz everything is in spanish, but i can actually understand it now! its so cool, we got to hear from president corbitt, he is such an inspired man, love hearing him speak!

we had stake conference as well, had the presence of Elder Acosta of the 70 and he is a spiritual beast as well, he spoke  with such power, talked about the family and the home and how it is the best place to become converted, really cool talk, also Jesus got sustained to recieve the melchezidek priesthood, so cool to see that, he is so prepared, still leaves with us to preach and all!

also his wife katheryn is a great missionary, came to a lesson with us to teach the mom of recent converts Dawris Dayerin and Darlin, she is interested right now to hear from us, she has always been cool talking to us, but now we are actually teaching her, she is a member of the christian local church (which put on a sweet rock concert in our nieghborhood this week, sometimes i question why we dont rock out in the church;) haha anyways we were teaching her, and she believes everything that she heard, just believes that everyone that has enough faith in god will be saved, but she mentioned something cool, she said she always prays to god to know if she is in the right place, the right gospel, even though she has been a part of her church for a while, and thats when i testified.      I told her that as a missionary from a little town in Utah in the US i was sent here to teach people that were looking for the truth, that I believe I was sent to the DR to meet her (Chavez) and share this message with her, that this was the answer she has been waiting to hear, this is where god wants her. super powerful lesson, got a little emotional... we have another lesson with her this week, we will see how it goes, she is now praying to know if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the church that God wants her to be a part of. I know it is, because its true. the only true church on the earth.

not too much else, we have 3 baptisms of the Family FRIAS this saturday, should be sweet, miss you all, miss the snow, miss the holidays, but i am really happy, know this is where im supposed to be :)

Here are me and my MTC buddies, ELders Beard, Allen, and Affleck, super good to see them!

all is well, talk to you guys next week!

ps this is the concert getting set up the last night, i wanted to play those drums so bad!

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