Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 28

President Corbitt,

Well this week was another great one, actually a spectacular one,we found out we have 3 more people ready to be baptized, which makes 7 people in total now! David, Oriana, Christopher all had thier interviews this week, and now we have Nicol, as well as Mary Angel, which are niƱos, but Elder Ramos Told me that he had already talked to you about permission to baptize them, they are solid,weare just teaching them the lessons in review for thier interviews, and then we found out the Ariana and Kaysi are ready to be baptized this saturday as well! they came to church and told us they were ready, originally they were going to wait until february, but they took our advice, about listening to the spirit and praying about what is best for them, and told us they are ready! really has been an amazing week!

We also had an exchange with the ZLs, Elder Daniels and I handled our area, which was really fun, we have mutual friends, because he is from Heber UT, and I have Best friends that live there, Small world when your a missionary! haha but it went well, he taught me a couple helpful things, like the importance of asking good questions in lessons, it went well. 

All is well, we are super excited for this saturday, cant wait to see you there! :)


Sounds like all is going super well back home,Crazy all the changes in the Ward, Also super glad and sad to hear the Broncos are in the super bowl this year... Im not sure which is worse, missing that, or star wars 7 ): oh well, the blessings are still so amazing here in the mission, dont forget to buy all the treats on saturday so that we can keep the sabbath day holy ;) hehehehe (loved d bones celebration dance!) haha

but all is good, we are working really hard with the members, this wardis amazing, super in the missionary work!

we had a worldwide missionary broadcast this week which was cool, I think I saw Jess,it was in the Provo MTC I think ;) hehe

got a little sick this week, we need to eat more fruits and vegetables, its just that im a little poor from all the christmas packages i got this year, haha its as blessing and a burden, might have to use some of the personal card mom...

I miss you guys tons, I will try to take more pics of the house and area, but it really is amazing, sometimes I forget where I am, like Geographically, and then when I think about it, its super cool, and makes me a little trunky at the same time...

thanks for keeping me up to date, tell the new members called to new positions I sustain them, I know God calls his leaders in the right time and right place, thats something you learn real quick in the mission.

I love you all so much, Know that I Know that this church is true, Christ is our savior, the Book of Mormon is key to our realigion,and Joseph Smith was a true prophet :)

until next week, 
 Another pic of the lookout from our laundry room, it was a nice afternoon, i was enjoying the view, when i learned a long told lie... Bigfoot doesnt live in south weber, sorry folks, seems that cain managed to swim to the DR to enjoy the huge avacados and palm trees :)hehe

One morning, i think it was tuesday, I got up, made some hot chocolate and bread and went up to the roof to enjoy the sunrise, another breath taking sight, you can also see the ocean a little further to the right, super super amazing, love this area!

 Today for PDAY we had a super fun activity where it was missionary jeapordy, questions about church history, the missionary manual, preach my gospel, and the Book of Mormon, if you answered wrong not only did you not get the points, but you got flour thrown in your face, here is Elder Graff and I floured, my question was "who is KishKumen" (leader of the gadianton robbers)... who remembers that!? so I answered that I was pretty sure he was a hip hop rapper from chicago, maybe Kade can look him up ;) haha also played basketball and ate hamburgers, super fun day! :)

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