Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 29

this week was amazing, super busy with the white night we had this saturday, crazy how many people in our stake got baptized, a solid 26! holy cow, the lord is in the work right now! we literally spent all week doing baptismal interviews for our district and filling out papers for the people getting baptized, and really, we didnt even do much, it was the teamwork of our ward, our captain Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost testifying to those who were converted. amazing week. then the saturday finally came and the program was amazing, it was in the stake center, they had a webcam setup in the baptismal font and projected in the sacrament hall, so everyone could see. so cool. then to end the program, the young women of our ward sang a hymn, "oh my father" while I played the piano to "come thou fount" the stake center was Packed! i was nervous, but the spirit helped us, i think it sounded pretty awesome! haha one of the coolest experiences so far...
Then to celebrate after, we went to the Ole super market next to the stake center, and elder hallet and I split a huge tres leches cake! delish! haha

in between all of the amazing spiritual experiences with the white night, I...

cooked domplines, coditos, locreo, and banana milkshakes, super delish.
had intercambios with elder negro and elder carillo, from mexico and guatamala, super cool guys.
saw a mob chasing a robber late one night, that was crazy.

and then last but not least, we went to the nicest mall in the DR, called SAMBIL, and really its like your in the US, all american food, music, design, scary, and made you feel super trunky, but super worth it, its elder Ramos´s birthday today and thats what he wanted to do so we went. we ate at johnny rockets, saw elder beecher, my first roomate with elder beard, played in this kiddy area, payed to jump on some trampolines, saw elder Guigni and Sauceda from Paraiso oriental, and hit up some batting cages, super fun, then we finished up by buying some KRISPY KREME! wow amazing day. haha

Really has been an amazing transfer, only got one more week left, but all is well, couldnt be happier :)

until next week, 


Pictures of the white night, one of our ward and one of our stake! so amazing!
eating at johnny rockets today!
tres leches cake with elder hallet, and eating at johnny rockets today!

 Trampolines at Mall
Batting Cages at Mall
 had a FHE this last week with this TEENAGE investigator... the kid is a teenager! crazy, we had to take a flexing pic! haha

 Krispy Kreme
 Sambil Mall
The Picture of the week along with the thought of the week...
 2nd NEPHI 27:11  
11 And the day cometh that the words of the book which were sealed shall be read upon the house tops; and theyshall be read by the power of Christ; and all things shall berevealed unto the children of men which ever have beenamong the children of men, and which ever will be evenunto the end of the earth. 

remember to always share the book of mormon, the scripture that has been revealed to us so far in these latter days :)


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