Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 31

well, not much to talk about this week, sorry i didnt write yesterday, we had a zone conference and p day was today! I got a new comp, he is from honduras, pretty chill, he has 17 months in the mission, so im trying to learn from him, we are trying to be obedient as well, mainly because we had a sweet zone conference this week in the capital and learned about a bunch of miracles that have happened in the month of january, including in our area, and I want to see more coming. and president taught us a great lesson on obedience with exactness and how it relates hand in hand with our faith in Jesus Christ. 

I spent a lot of time thinking about miracles and faith, and how strong is my faith. I have a strong testimony and all, I just am hearing all these crazy stories of people recieving revelation and having dreams, and well... the only dreams ive been having lately are of how the new star wars movie is, and that I went to the super bowl and had to sub in as kicker for the broncos... so im working on that, I want those kind of experiences, which means I have to use more faith, which means I will have to be more obedient, for example, not singly worldy songs playing on the radio, leaving the house exactly and 10:00 and 3:00 and im trying to pray with more faith as well, have more meaningful prayers. 

I guess i hit my 6 month mark and got a little comfortable this last transfer, letting some of the little things go, and its wierd cuz we had a bunch of success, but now i think the lord is giving me a wake up call, we only had 1 investigator come to church this week, but he has a baptism date for the 19th of march which is cool, and we have one other date for the 27th of this month, but we really are dry on people to teach, i guess its time to re-evaluate the obedience level, work hard and smart, and leave the rest to the faith in the Lord :)

all is well, this saturday was cool thier was a valentines party for the ward, adult couples only, but we got invited to serve the food, so that was fun, haha :)

also played P-DAY football for the first time in the mish, which was super fun, we didnt get money like we were supposed to, so instead of spending money, i organized an activity to play football, all the elders except for two came, super fun and some of the latinos including my comp really enjoyed the game haha :)

miss you guys, glad to hear the sports are going well, i pray for you guys every day, know I love you and I know this church is true :)


while we were in the street one day, found this kid with a tim tebow jersey and had to take a pic, i tried to explain the word SUPERBOWL, he didnt have a clue, too funny ;)
SO here is my new comp, ELDER SIERRA from Honduras, he is chill, we are getting to know eachother more now
P day football, such a blast ;)

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