Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week 32

OK so first off, sorry about my letter last week, i thought about it and it sounded worse than it really was, i was a little down, but nothing serious, and I want you guys to know that MIRACLES DO EXIST.

This week was the week of an investigator named Librada and her son Chandel, here is the story.

in December, the missionaries contacted her and she had had some problems with her old church, some things she knew werent right, but she had been a part of that church for years, but she offered a prayer and that week, the missionaries showed up (E. Ramos and E. Celaya) i replaced elder Celaya. 

about a month ago, she had been meeting with us and listening, but one day she just told us that she was gonna try going back to her old church and that she appreciated our time, but that it wasnt for her... she didnt understand the purpose of the book of mormon, nor had she read it. we explained again the restauration and the purpose of the book of mormon and challenged her to read it. she accepted to try investigating more, she is now reading in ALMA.

this week we invited her to baptism, and she shared an experience that you dont hear everyday, that she had had prayed about the Book of Mormon and the LDS Church and later dreamt about us and the members of the church standing out near the ocean along the highway here in our area, she said she didnt see any other churches, just ours. she said that she had also read in Mosiah 18 about baptism and new thats what she wanted :) she has a goal to be baptized the 19th of march along with her 12 year old son chandel :) she also came to church for the first time this week and really got along well with everyone there (as far as i know;) haha

so really i cant complain, i know that our obedience helps us be more in tune with the spirit, and that our faith and the faith of the people we share with brings miracles :)

few other things this week.

we went 4 days without water #BUCKETSHOWERS!
I interviewed two kids for baptism in the area of the elders in our district, super cool experience!
melibett was interviewed for her baptism which will be next saturday :)

overall, great week :)
nuff said or today, love you all!


 i got one of the chicken feet, wierd texture but good flavor over all!

 We ate lunch with sister Candida this week, she made me drink the leftovers of the soup, como un hombre!

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