Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 33

well the 27 of Feb was independance day here, which was a saturday, a special saturday. MELIBETH GOT BAPTIZED!!! :D

honestly was the highlight of the week, to see how far she has come, she has learned so much, grown so far, from dragging her to church to her carrying her little boy, and walking with her daughter to get here every sunday, really a blessing to see. she has definately been one of my good friends on the mission, super enthousiastic about life, wanting to learn, grow, and apply what she learns. she now assists regularly and shares during the gospel principles class, what a miracle, the Lord is mighty like that in the lives of those who are willing to recieve him.

apart from the baptism., we also saw a miniparade in the street, which was pretty cool, i got a little flag thing im keeping for memories. 

We visited some new investigators this week, which we are super excited about, had a lesson with the biship (who is a major stud) who talked to a less active lady and her spouse, we talked about marriage, and they are willing to work to be married leagally in the next month, thats exciting. she is a good friend of melibeth, so that could help strengthen both of them. also visited the mom and grandma of recent convert Christopher, she is getting baptized next month as well, she might not know it yet, but elder Sierra and I sure do ;) haha

great week overall, get to go to the temple this week, should be a major treat, the work is progressing quickly and im seeing mighty changes in people here in la Llave, it just reminds me to do the LORD´S work with the help of the LORD! when we recognize his hand in all things, we glorify our father which is in heaven, instead of taking credit for the things that happen around us, just like the example of Ammon, humble, serving, and doing all things in the name of his mighty god. 

The church is true. Christ lives. we are living in a time of a marvelous work and wonder! 

love you all, prayers for you are given every day, until next month ;)

 Really was an amazing day, the baptism went well, spirit was there, and we even baught ice cream after, guess what flavor? thats right TRES LECHES! how can a day get any better?
 above is the friends of melibeth, including the Bishop, her friend Orianny, who gave us the reference to visit her, and her kids, erick, and milagros!

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