Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 34

Well, this week a lot happened, sorry for the long letter!

monday, we did a FHE with a family in our ward and invited another family that has shown interest in getting to know the church, so i decided to take care of food, and the mom of the family "Candida" took care of the lesson. I made a whole bunch of french toast and everyone loved it, no one there had ever tried it, so that was super awesome! haha

tuesday, i had to go to the capital to update my passport, to be liscensed as one who can be here legally and share about religion, it was nice to see all my buddies, cuz we all had to do it, but i also saw someone interesting there, the AP from the west mission, KURT BELL, he is from layton Utah, i played indoor soccer with him in high school, really small world! haha

wednesday, we went to the temple as missionaries, got to do a session and talk with president, really is a cool experience every time we get to go, which is every 3 months, i learn tons with president Corbitt, really awesome day there.

thursday, we had a zone conference, and elder De los santos and I gave a little discussion on how to keep faith in Christ through the hard times as well as the easy ones, went really well, we came to the conclusion that it all comes down to humility. that is key, as well as repentance, relying on the atonement, recognizing your mistakes and asking forgiveness, great day!

friday was a normal day, worked hard, had some good lessons, a normal day in the mission, except for in the morning, we happened to see this thing out in the ocean, i got my camera, took a pic, and im 99% sure that it was the cruise ship of my parents that happened to swing by the DR that day, along with the kelseys, im not sure what kind of loving parents taunt there childerent like that, porting on a cruise ship at the island where there son is serving a mission. im just hoping they go again in 2 years or so ;) haha

saturday, we had a sweet activity at the temple with recent converts and investigators, we left here with almost 30 people in total from our ward, a grat turnout, the recent converts got to enter the temple and then share thier testimonies with the investigators on the temple grounds, amazing really! Melibeth entered and loved the temple so much! Librada and Chandel attended and loved hearing the testimonies of those who have recently recieved the gospel, then another surprise happened, JESUS AND KATHERINE showed up with mama castro and papa robert from paraiso oriental! crazy cool, katherine brought me my favorite, "Harina Dulce" and we got to chat for a while, all is going well for them, really a blessing to see them!

then today we had our zone activity, played kickball, baseball, and soccer in the field in our area, then talked about the unity as a zone, really good activity everyone enjoyed it, we sat in the dugout when we finished and realized that we had all gotten super burnt!!! haha so worth it tho ;) haha

great week overall, super fun, spirit filled, the kind of week that every missionary hopes for!

until next week,


 French toast with Candidas family, super fun night!

 seeing jesus y katherine, super huge blessing! love these guys so much!

 the zone activity turned out really nicely, here is everyone in the dugout!

 Elder Sierra with all the people that came with us to the temple, super awesome trip

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