Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 37

well this was my weekly letter to pres. sums up about everything...


this week was wild, a spiritual rollercoaster! as you know we had the goal of 90 baptisms here in our zone for the last 3 months, and we all had faith would it be accomplished, just like to share a quick story, sunday morning, the zone leaders called us up and told us aout how we were one short of the goal, 89, and asked if we could find someone prepared to be baptized, which we had previously discussed, and we have had people with dates, just that they were set further ahead in april, for lack of teaching the lessons, and lack of time. but, we prayed that morning that we would be able to do the Lords will, and if it were possible invite someone to be baptized that same day (being the last opportunity of the month) so we left, trusting in the Lord and his revelation to his inspired leaders. if the stake president said there would be 90, there should be 90. we visited the mother of a member/less active, and talked with her, we had only taught one lesson, but we felt that she was prepared, we invited her to be baptized 2 hours later for that afternoon, sunday at 12:30 in la Caleta. then i watched the Lord work miracles. she said yes, that she had decided she wanted to be baptized, and even though it was short notice, she would do it. we called the bishop, the relief society pres, and arranged everything an hour and a half before her baptism. we taught the lessons in the most revised form possible, and headed off to her baptism. the ZLs interviewed her, she changed, and we proceeded with the service. the Caleta also has another miracle side of that story, but i hope they share it with you. i want to testify that revelation is real, this is the Lords work, we are merely instruments in his mighty hands. You must believe there are miracles.


thanks pres.


being the holy week here, not a lot of people were around to be taught, kinda rough in that aspect, but sunday was awesome, the baptism was the craziest thing ever!!! arranged in 2 hours, then later that day she was confirmed and elder sierra and I talked, he on the atonement, and I on the ressurection, i based it on the talk, sunday with come, by joseph b wirthlen, great talk!


then today the stake presidency fed us lunch for accomplishing the goal of 90 baptisms. amazing.


then the big news..... IM TRAINING! i dont know who, i will find out tomorrow! but im super excited and nervous, should be a great experience!


miracles are true because the savior lives. happy easter, I love you all! :)



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