Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 38

President Corbitt,

This week was a great, and kinda crazy one, getting to train has been an excellent opportunity for me to grow and learn. Elder Palma is doing great, a little tired, he told me his legs were hurting from all the walking, but I know he is getting into the swing of things, he teaches really well with the spirit, and for only being a member for 1 year and 2 months, he is a spiritual giant, thank you again for this opportunity! by the way, my moms maiden name is Palmer, kinda funny... we enjoyed the conference this weekend, i learned a lot and applied a lot of the talks both to me and my investigators, i know that we have inspired leaders, true prophets and apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ. we are planning to due the fast this weekend to help accomplish our mission goals this month that every companionship baptizes, and that we find all those prepared to recieve the covenant of baptism. I really enjoyed the leadership meeting, I learned tons and felt the spirit so strongly, Thanks for helping me strengthen my testimony in the miracles of missionary work!

that was my letter to pres, and yes, my kid in the mission is from Mexico and doesnt speak english! awesome! haha

conference was sweet, it was curious though, the talk by niel L Anderson, he talked about a brandon who got baptized in Colorado... suspicious huh dad? might have to give brandon blaine a call! we got to watch it in english and we saw every session, super awesome! Elder Richards in our zone, this was his last one, he goes home this year, and funny thing is, this was my second! half way done baby! haha

our recent converts are doing well, we taught some lessons with the Patriarch and his wife to Altagracia and her family, they are looking forward to getting sealed in a year from now!

not much more to say, im happy, miss you guys, conference makes me a little trunky seeing Utah and stuff, but it was a great spiritual week! I love you all and know this church is true!

i love you guys so much, missed you guys tons this week, not gonna lie, conference weekend makes me trunky, makes me think about the times we sit together watching it at home, seeing utah and the temple and the conference center makes me think about you guys tons, but hey, like i said, 2 down, 2 to go ;) hehe and mothers day is coming soon! cant wait for that! conference helped me remember that we are an enternal family, and that we are all children of a divine lineage, such a great talk by garrett Gong i think... i just remember hearing that, hit me hard. please know that all is well, im seeing blessings every day, couldnt be happier :) well... if you guys were here i guess i would be a little happier ;) haha but its a great work!  tell the kiddos i love them so much :)


There are some pics of the baptism we had a couple weeks ago, my camera doesnt work with this computer, i had to load this onto a USB, so now you can see it, Altagracia has so much faith, when we invited her to be baptized, she told us,"if thats what the Lord wants me to do, ill do it, even if it is short notice!"  we can learn a great lesson from her, if the Lord wants us to do it, we better just do it! haha #NIKE

then on the ride back, the bishops wife got a hold of my camera and took some selfies haha

i also bought some snacks to keep us happy, and one of the bananas i bought was a double banana! crazy cool, had to throw that pic on ;) haha
Conference with the american ELDERS, we got to watch it in this room with AC and everything! it was awesome!
  Meet my son, ELDER PALMA! almost like elder palmer ;) haha he is from Mexico, the northern part, he is 21 years old, new convert to the church, his sister is on a mission as well, and they are the only members in their family, amazing examples. we are getting along great, and a flood of memories is coming back from my training days, when i didnt know hardly jack squat, of the gospel or of spanish, cool to see progress, and my "son" is teaching me a lot every day, his spirit is HUGE, really feeling blessed :)
 he made me pancakes this morning :)

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