Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 41

sorry, im really pissed right now, i just typed my whole message and the power went out here... something im not going to miss about the internet centers in the DR...

so now rewritten in a shorter way, we did the following this week....

had the white night, 6 people got baptized including one of our investigators named edward, he is a super stud! we also sang my mashup of the nearer to thee at home, the stake president liked it, just was bummed we werent baptizing more people....

all is good though, we are keeping the faith this week that all the companionships in the zone will baptize this month, we know the Lord is preparing people, we just have to find them.

we played basketball today, indoor wood court, super fun, we are super out of shape though ;) haha elder zamora and I balled hard, super good time.

the work is going good, im learning tons from president Corbitt, he is such an amazing servant of our Heavenly Father, His faith and testimony is so strong, as well as his worldy knowledge, he has taught me so much, loving working more with him now.

we didnt have water for a few days, always fun when you cant flush the toilet for a few days..... we showered with the bucket, good time always ;) haha 

we shared out of the book of mormon more than ever this week, really fun to teach out of it, instead of just talking about the bible every day, that little blue book is our best friend, i have a testimony of its truth, which means Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, which means that God and Jesus Christ exist, and that thier eternal truths are found here on the earth today. no wonder its so important to read the BOM every day!

all is good, sorry its a shorter version, again, the power situation here is a rough one, have patience and know that all is well, love you all, i pray for you every day :)

keep the faith, READ; PONDER; AND PRAY!


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