Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 40

President Corbitt,

Well, what can I say, this week has been one of the craziest of my missions so far, changing areas, becoming a zone leader, not to mention i almost drove your car ;) haha i knew the holy ghost was telling me not to! But it's been really fun working towards the goal that every companionship baptizes in our zone this month, and in the mission as well. so far it sounds like all are doing really well, the only ones that we are a little worried about are Alma Rosa B and Las Americas 2A, they have a date or 2, but they have the most difficulties, mainly with papers for matrimony, but we know and have the faith, as you said, that this is something the Lord is ready to bless us with, and we are striving to be worthy and ready to receive this blessing. Also, we are really excited for the white night coming up this sunday, should be a full night, we are planning on bringing 2 People, Edward and Endira, they are preparing themselves right now. all is going really well, we are seeing miracles every day, we are working hard, never been so tired, yet so involved in the work of the mission, and Im loving it. thank you for this growing opportunity, I hope to fulfill my calling to the fullest.

Elder Auger

and yes i almost did drive presidents car, we had to do some baptismal interviews and to save time, president was gonna let me take his car with elder zamora, my new comp, but i didnt feel like it was a good idea, i mean i have crashed 3 times before the mission, and i havent practiced for 9 months! haha so it didnt happen,

but I did get assigned as a Zone Leader in the zone of OZAMA, and the area of San Vicente, its in the city still, we have a mall in our area, pretty cool. i miss training Elder Palma, we didnt have nearly enough time together, but gotta do what they tell ya. my comp is Elder Zamora from Texas, he has 2 weeks as Zone leader as well, so we are trying to figure this out together ;) haha he only has 4 months left in the mission though, his is a stud, won his highschool football state championship, has a girlfriend, plays the guitar, and is planning on going to BYU I after the mish, cool guy!

we went to the temple as a Zone, we planned the activity and it went well, almost everyone brought investigators, president Corbitt made it out to speak to us, and we enjoyed the time together, we brought a teen named edward who is getting baptized this week, super stud!

also did divisions with Elder Thacker my buddy from Hainamosa, my first zone, we slept on the roof in his area in San Pedro, more or less in the country, way cool experience, that was the night we completed 9 months in the mission ;) good times!

all is well, loving the work, not getting to bed until 11:30 now for all the work we have to do, but like i said, its taking away the time to think about home and get trunky, so its a blessing :)

Love you all, hope all is well, shout out to my new baby Cousin Tyson Reeve Palmer!!! I love you buddy! :)

until Next week!

 the investigator Edward we brought and some goofy missionaries in front of the temple ;)

my new companion elder Zamora, #CoolestZoneLeaders ;)

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