Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 39

well, time really does seem to be flying by, we are already in april and this next week i will complete 9 months in the mission, crazy eh??? anyways im not counting or anything, just thought it was interesting! haha

This week was a good one, we have worked really hard, we invited everyone we talked to to church with us and ended up having a good turn out of 5 new investigators, so that was pretty much the highlight! on the other hand, we found out that one of the people we have been teaching with a baptismal date for next week returned to there old church without saying anything to us, when we talked to her, basically just said she didnt care where she went, god is the same of all the churches, we thought we had explained authority and everything but i guess it didnt get through, thats the biggest problem here, if anyone says anything about god the whole world will believe it. which doesnt have to be a bad thing, but makes it more difficult to explain that gods authority is found by only certain people here in the earth. ive studied that a little more this week, a good topic.

but apart from that, we did some service for a member, pulled weeds in her front yard for 2 hours in mid day, made me think back to the good old summer days in the front yard, thanks for teaching me to work hard dad! :) also gave a couple birthday cakes to investigators this week, one ended up being wrotten on the inside, we got a refund which was good, i guess it just has to be the thought that counts right??? haha

then today we went to "El Conde" a big shopping street, and found a pizza hut, but it was the nicest pizza hut in the world, felt like an outback steakhouse or olive garden in the US, they treated us like kings with our american pizza ;) haha great P day activity!

Over all great week, loving the mission, loving the power that god shows through his missionaries, especially my companion Elder Palma, his spirit is so strong, definately blessed to be with him :) 

president corbitt just called me to tell me that he needs me to do a special transfer to leave my area and be a Zone Leader with an Elder named Elder Zamora, so i wont be training any more, but Elder Beard is going to come here to finish the training of Elder Palma, crazy crazy crazy!!! im not ready to be a zone leader!!! thats insane!!! but its way funny that elder beard is coming to replace me!!! haha i leave tomorrow!!! 

but to answer your question dad, i think that the priesthood is real, the power of the priesthood is real and that through faith, obedience and the Lords will, miracles happen, however i will admit another interesting thing, president monson tells a story about when he went to give a blessing to a girl who was extremely sick, and this was when he was an apostle, so i think he was worthy, she had all the faith in the world, but she didnt live after, but president monson mentions that the miracle was that he was able to give her that blessing, through her faith he was drawn by the spirit to visit her, the miracle is listening and being prompted by the spirit, not necesarily fulfilling our purpose and will. this is HIS work and HIS glory, we are simply his instruments.

thats all for this week, love you all tons, be safe and CTR!

 This was one of the investigators we surprised with a birthday cake :)

we took a selfie on the side of the highway next to the ocean, always a blast!!!
 Fun p day, visit to "El Conde" and a nice lunch at pizza hut!
 made me trunky though, they even played american music inside........ ELDER SEARLE and ELDER CARRILLO came with us, super awesome time

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