Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 36

well, another week gone by, crazy how time is flying huh?

to be honest, not a lot happened this week, we had another white night, but my comp and I didnt baptized anyone that day, the zone in total had 31, which was even more than the last, but we only brought investigators to see. it went well, I played the piano for a special musical number and all the missionaries in the stake or zone sang josephs smith first prayer, but to the tune of come thou fount, spirit was strong.

did an interchange with Elder Zamora from Texas, he is a stud, we spent the interchange  going around doing baptismal interviews, this week i interviewed 7 people in total, a cool, yet surprisingly tiring experience... haha

and then to top of the week, i got sick... for the first time in the mish so far, we had to stay in the house :( I wasnt able to even go to church, which straight up stunk, but i would have been sitting in the bathroom for more time than i would have in the chapel, thank goodness i got better, with the help of loving roomates who made soup and sancocho, dominican stew to eat. still a little weak, but at least we can work again!

mom: im pretty sure the bishop said he got that tilapia from his nieghbors sewer pond, maybe thats why I got sick ;) haha all is good with the district, i have to do the baptismal interviews, which is fun and nerve racking at the same time! the language has come along super nicely, i understand basically 99 percent of what people say to me, and I can express myself almost perfectly :) teaching is a rollercoaster, i think i have learned like everything there is to teach and then i get a crazy question from someone, or my comp explains something that i forget to explain in the lesson, so im working more on that right now, studying to teach more effectively, but i think all is going pretty well :)

not to much more to say about the week, sorry its not the most exciting entry, but it is what it is, and the church is still true ;)

love you all!


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