Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 35

well, the highlight of the week was the baptism of Librada and Chandel, ive already explained most of thier story and the miracle that came from the Lord in thier lives, from rejecting the missionaries, to reading more than half the Book of Mormon, to getting baptized 2 days ago. really couldnt be more happy, I testify that My joy is great, and its all because of the power that God has to work through the spirit of conversion and personal revelation. I testify that this is more than real brothers and sisters, If your not sure about it, do what Librada and Chandel did, Search. Ponder. and Pray. need I say more.

apart from that awesome experience, we also had the opportunity to go to the city this saturday and listen to the Church Historian, Richard Turley, who talked to us and answered controversial questions, including polygamy, the Book of Mormon, and African Americans and the Priesthood, really cool stuff, and most of what He told us can be found on the church web page :) take a looksie if you feel entrigued!

then another cool little thing was that I ate this fish called tilapia with the bishop and his family, i was nervous, as i imagine my sister jaden would have been ;) but i dug in and turned out to be delish! i ate like 5! haha

Then today, Jesus came to our area and gave me a hair cut and we ate lunch together, super cool to see him :) they are doing well, firm in the faith :)

not much more to say folks, other than a  late happy birthday shout out to my mom, which was last tuesday, but I thought about her all that day, she is so strong, and faithful, I pray that my future wife will be as amazing as she is :)

Love you all, be safe, choose the right!


 The Day of the baptism, I had the opportunity to baptize Chandel and the bishop baptized Librada, then after.

My comp and I stopped by the Ole supermarket and Baught tres leches cake to celebrate! haha Elder Sierra is a stud, cracks me up, we have a lot of good laughs!
My comp showed me this shirt they made in one of his zones, too dang funny! haha 
 then for lunch this week, this was the tastey fish we ate with the bishop and his family! haha turned out to be super delish!, looked a little iffy, but we dug in and enjoyed!
 haha a quick reminder to Jaden, if your date for Prom takes you to eat sushi, you had better eat it ;) haha love you girl!
 It rained as well this week, which was awesome because this big huge rainbow came out, God put things like that in the world to testify to us of his divinity :)
 then jesus and I took a pic, he did a great job cutting my hair ;) haha

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