Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Week 96

It was a great week man! feel spoiled rotten for being able to visit La Llave with Elder Beard and Elder Ramos, for having Janfreisy get Baptized, and for being able to talk with the fam! 


first, friday we got permission to do an intercambio, but first we had a meeting with all the guys from my group talking with president about finishing the mish! then we practiced the song that i wrote for the end of the mission, you know there will be some tears when we sing that! Then I went with E. Beecher, and it was his birthday, we celebrated at night! but before that we went to La Llave and said good bye to members and old friends there! they had a sweet activity set up for us, where we answered questions that they had for us about finishing the mission, then questions to see how dominicanized we were, about the culture and language, super fun and funny!


then we took pics, and they gave us a certificate of appreciation for having served in there ward! super cool, then i played the piano and the youth sang a song! we ate empanadas at the end. super good to see Librada and Chandel, Melibeth, Oriana, David and Christopher and others! 


Janfreisy got baptized as well. her family is progressing so nicely, we are working on helping Natali and Justino get married at the end of this month! we had Luckson baptize her, he had to do it like 5 times though! hahaha he is a recent convert and that was the first time for him to be able to excercise the aaronic Priesthood! awesome!


then we got to talk with the fam, best time ever, cant wait to see you all in 29 days, i did some souvenir shopping in the conde today, getting trunky now! hahaha working hard though!


anyways, all is well here in Maquiteria, i hope you all had a great mothers day! 


I know this Church is True, Thought of the Week is to not forget the Army of Heleman, and how they followed the great example of their mothers in faith and obedience, I love you mom, thanks for your strong testimony! 


have a great week!


Librada and her Brother who ended up getting baptized after we left!

Also Christopher and David, and there friend Deivi who got baptized after we left! such a great activity
 when they gave us the certificate for serving in La Llave, check out my name, thats basically how the dominicans pronounce it! hahahaha
 Elderes Ramos Beard and Auger!
tons of people went to the activity! as Elder Beard said it felt like a homecoming! hahaha cant wait to see everyone again!
baptism of Janfreisy

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