Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week 97

the highlight of this week was ward conference when they finally called a bishop! we had gone about 3 months without one and so it was a long wait, but the bishop is a stud, his name is wascar, a young 27 year old husband, no kids, but super qualified by the Lord, the ward is going to see miracles!


for the conference i played the piano, and we had 2 special musical numbers, one by the primary which brought a lot of tears to the congregation, and then a closing hymn by the choir, nearer my God to thee, when theres love at home, Elder Auger original, super good time playing that!  because of the long awaited conferece, lots of people invited friends, we had 17 investigators in church, and 215 attendance, compared to the usual 6 investigators and 80-90 attendance, super cool day!


then that same night, president Corbitt and his wife came to give a devotional to the YSA of various stakes, there were about 250 young single adults, and then Elder Ferrufino and I, we went originally because i need to download the video project ive been working on to presidents laptop, but when i got there, they asked if i could play the piano and then sister Corbitt needed someone to translate, so we stayed for the whole thing and took part. it was a little wierd, being a young single adult in that meeting, all that talk about marriage and stuff, i was trying hard to stay focused ;) hahaha Just kidding, im always focused!


then we visited Natali and Justino who have been in the hospital with their son, Nataniel, who has been sick, but is doing better, we gave him a blessing and then the new bishop also went to visit them, super stud! they are getting married this weekend!


then today we played some basketball with hermano curry, who has got to be my all time best friend here in maquiteria, he reminds me of Trevor Schenck, that same kind of loving spirit who likes to party, serve others, and is a spiritual giant! also took some pics in the faro a colon, pretty good time!


3 more weeks, i cant believe it! time to F2TF and ETTE! 


Love you all, hope it was a good week, CTR always!



the last zone meeting of this transfer, im staying here to finish the mish tho!

visiting Natali and Justino in the Hospital, Janfriesy is the only one missing in the pic, they are such an awesome family! Justino is preparing to be baptized, he hasnt agreed to a specific date, but he is progressing tons! Natali is about to be able to go to the temple again, she is super excited!
pics in the Faro a Colon!

a pic with the old first counselor in the ward, hermano Liberato, who is also making my suit for when i come home! he plays the guitar, and super well, i said that if he ever comes by utah, we will have to Jam! hahaha
more pics, tried to work on my dominican modeling career, but i dont think it will go too far ;)

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