Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week 98

well, down to 2 weeks left, cant believe that all this stuff is happening, almost heading home and what not, but i am staying focused, working hard and enjoying the mission!
Highlight of the week was the marriage of Justino and Natali, which was a great time, we prepared everything during the week, which took a lot of work and overcoming opposition. 
because there baby had gotten sick, they had some worries about costs, because of all the expenses for the hospital stay for their son. so we called the bishop and the ward helped a lot! we set up everything for the marriage in the town hall, and they got married friday morning, then we celebrated the wedding on saturday! we went to the temple with them before and took pics, that was Natali´s Dream, it was sweet! lots of emotion and pure Joy! then we went to the chapel for the celebration and a bunch of members and there family was there, Janfreisi had a blast organizing everything for her parents wedding, its was fun to watch! she is paityns age, so i feel like its my little sister here from the DR! small cooincidence, i saw one of my converts from san vicente there, grisliedy, who is the niece of Natali! crazy! small world!
we are working for Justino to be baptized soon! hopefully this coming weekend! Natali is excited to be able to enter the temple now, she has worked so hard to be worthy!
then today for p day we went to chilis with elder Beecher and Elder Anderson, i will send pics of that asap!
all good in the hood, we are hanging on til the end!
Love you all!


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