Friday, July 17, 2015

Elder Auger Arrives in the DR

Email from Elder Auger:
Hola Familia!
We are here in the MTC or (CCM) safe and sound. It's a completely different world, But I'm Loving every second of it. I don't have a lot of time for details, But I Did Buy a lady Breakfast with the 20$ and I did place my first book of mormon! On the plane I sat next to these two dominican brothers, one was 15 and one was 19, we talked about the DR and what they missed most while they were visiting the US. They said they're family. I explained what I would be doing for the next few years and explained that I will miss my family as well. But because of this book, I know that I will be able to Live with my family forever. I asked if the older brother would be willing to take it and read it, and he agreed. Boom I'm a real missionary now. I have the name tag and everything! So dang cool. I didn't sleep at all on the plane, I just read your guys letters, wrote in my journal and tried to imagine what the next to years will be like.
We got off the plane and found our escort waiting for us at the airport exit, he didn't speak a lick of english. They hauled all of our stuff into a big trailer and we piled into a 14 seater van! This made me think of you dad ;) the drive here was crazy, they don't have any traffic laws here. cars run stop signs, merge whenever the heck they want, we almost go in a car accident every 30 seconds! good thing my mission mainly consists of walking. the elders are amazing, I love every single one of them. I haven't met my companion yet though, he flies in at like 1:30 tomorrow morning. ill let you know what he is like. I won't get to write until next thursday, kind of brutal, but I will be busy doing good things that I will let you know all about :) im sorry you guys balled the whole way home, i miss you tons and love you even more. I have total peace through everything though, it's exciting, but I know the homesickness will come when I go to bed tonight. tell d bone ill miss sleeping with him for the next two years. let me know what you guys do this week, and ill send pics next time I write :) 
Muchos amor,
Elder Auger

Here's pictures on his MTC president at the DR Temple
 Here's his MTC District

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