Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Colton becomes Elder Auger

Welcome Elder Auger

Colton was set apart as Elder Auger on Tuesday July 14, 2015 at 7:00 by President Peterson. The Stake president asked us all to say something. There wasn't a lot of words, just tears. I do think I heard Jaden squeeze out "Prom Date". After the prayer, Elder Auger hopped out of the chair and you could tell he was ready to get to work. Pretty amazing transformation.

Here's a picture of Tyler, now Elder Kelsey's, setting apart that happened the night before Colton's.

So Elder Auger had 2 hours to kill before going to the airport. He went back to the house and said his goodbyes to each room.

Then he took his Junior Companion, Jonathan, and family and tracted into a Asian Famliy called Pei Wei.

Then Elder Auger was dropped off at the airport, where he was able to show the world his new luggage.
Then something really cool happened. He met another Elder at the airport. Found out he was going to the same mission as Elder Auger. Then another Elder walked up, also going to the same mission. Turns out there was 10 Elders flying to the Dominican Republic that night. All the Elders were so excited and some Mother's prayers were answered. Then as we drove home in tears, we got a picture on our phones from a random stranger who took a picture of all the Elders at the gate.

So he's off to the Dominican Republic East mission for the next two years.

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